kathakali.info (http://kathakali.info/) is the official website of Vazhenkada Kunjunair Memorial Trust. This is the online window into the activities of the Kunjunair Trust which for over three decades has been creatively involved in Kathakali arena. Kunjunair Trust has been organising performances, conducting workshops and giving away awards. And kathakali.info (http://kathakali.info/) is the online face of all these activities.

kathakali.info (http://kathakali.info/) is a leading platform for articles and debates on Kathakali, its structure and grammar, and other research projects.

The brains trust behind this project is a group of artlovers working without any profit motive.

kathakali.info (http://kathakali.info/) welcomes all people interested in the pursuit of the arts.


കളിയറിവുകളുടെ തിരമൊഴി

Kunhu Nair Smaraka Trust

The mid-1980s saw in Kerala, particularly in its central parts, the rise of a new vision in organising and appreciating Kathakali.

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Kathakali- A Fusion Art

Ethiravan Kathiravan June 5, 2011 There is no other theater form which imposes a world of illusion the way Kathakali does. Grandeur unparalleled, befittingly non-worldly, stylization ultimate, drama evocative and magically surrealistic, Kathakali is the Read more…

The story of King Oedipus

Mohanan Nambiarath September 3, 2011  ‘King Oedipus’ is a Katnakai adaption of the play by the same name, written  by Scphocles. Sophocies was a dramatist and play writer who lived in 4th  century B.C. in Read more…

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