Parvathi Rupture

During this time, Lord Siva and Parvathi were in a wrangle.  The Lord, who always remained in the presence of Parvathi, desired to engage Godess Ganga, present between his mane, in love games.  Evolving a plan He sends Parvathy along with other divine ladies for a bath in the Mansarovar Lake.  In the meantime, Parvathy keeps their offsprigs as guard to Lord Shiva.  The Lord somehow gets rid of the guards and begins charming Ganga.  In the meantime, Parvathi, entering quietly after the bath in Mansarovar, witnesses Ganga on the lap of Shiva.  Though Shiva remains indifferent, hiding Ganga back in the mane, Parvathi decides to part with her husband to go to his maiden home.
It was around this time that Ravana had uprooted Mount Kailasa and begun tossing it.  Absolutely terrified, she runs and embraces Lord Shiva.
Pleased with Parvathi’s return and Ravana’s Strength, Lord Shiva presents himself before Ravana and gifts the divine sword called Chandrahasam.