Tossing of Mount Kailasa

Aided by the blessings from Lord Brahma, Ravana takes control of all the worlds and was staying in happiness in Lanka.  His step brother Vaishravana deploys a messenger with an advise to cease Ravana’s ill-deeds.  Ravana, unable to take such advices, beheads the messenger and decides to teach Vaishravana a lesson.  In the subsequent battle, Ravana defeats his step brotgher and the latter surrenders his aircraft called Pushpakam.  One day, while Ravana was traversing in the aircraft, its path was obstructed unexpectedly.  Inquiring to the pilot (charioteer) it becomes known that Mount Kailasas is on the aircraft’s way. Ravana makes up his mind to remove the obstacle
He look-sees the Mount deliberately – this is a peculiar act in itself.  The spread and height of the mount would be reflected on the face, especially the eyes.  Ravana considers to lift the mount.  Progressively digging with his hands, he inserts all of his 20 palms underneath the mount, with great difficulty, uproots it, bears it on his forearm and begins tossing it