ആട്ടക്കഥ രാഗം
Brother, son of wind-god Kalyanasaugandhikam Bhairavi
Hanuman by that name one monkey exists Kalyanasaugandhikam Bhairavi
Do you think that me , this mighty King of Sindhu Arjjuna vishada vrutham Bhairavi
I have not come for war Arjjuna vishada vrutham Bhairavi
Hail! Hail, the one rich with penance Kirmmeeravadham Bhairavi
Good ones – to bless them Kirmmeeravadham Bhairavi
A thicket, here is – and also a Durga Temple Kirmmeeravadham Bhairavi
O, dark-tressed beauty Keechakavadham Bhairavi
Questions I too have Karnasapatham Bhairavi
Say no further; even if great men dither Karnasapatham Bhairavi
It’s well-known I do not spurn those who seek my help Karnasapatham Bhairavi
Mother! my whole story I now learn Karnasapatham Bhairavi
Don’t speak pointless words Karnasapatham Bhairavi
Alas! Alas! how will the inept servant of Dakshayagam Bhairavi
You fool, my Lord won’t be visible Dakshayagam Bhairavi
Do not grieve, my dear lotus-eyed Dakshayagam Bhairavi
Who is this idiot haughtily trying to Dakshayagam Bhairavi
What a fool you are to stop the Dakshayagam Bhairavi
Know that Siva is the Lord of your father Dakshayagam Bhairavi
Hey, the crown-gem of moon dynasty Nivathakavacha Kalakeyavadham Bhairavi
Brothers, well, what you befittingly said Ravanothbhavam Bhairavi
When the dusk fell Ravanothbhavam Bhairavi
The handsome, good-natured Lavanasuravadham Bhairavi
My valiant brother Lavanasuravadham Bhairavi
O brother, what wonder Lavanasuravadham Bhairavi
O Bhargava, the crown among sages Seethasvayamvaram Bhairavi
I have destroyed the entire Kshatriya Seethasvayamvaram Bhairavi
From where I came Seethasvayamvaram Bhairavi
If what you say is true Seethasvayamvaram Bhairavi
To wage a war for no reason Seethasvayamvaram Bhairavi
Here take my bow now Seethasvayamvaram Bhairavi
O Sage Bhargava, when I saw you approaching Seethasvayamvaram Bhairavi
Here I have strung your bow Seethasvayamvaram Bhairavi
You killed an old demoness Seethasvayamvaram Bhairavi
But that woman was not my mother Seethasvayamvaram Bhairavi