Enough my lotus eyed one!..

"Enough my lotus eyed one!, eating these rotten flakes of rice.
Don’t you have any mercy towards me. Now I feel that you don't have.
From the day of wedlock onwards, I am staying with you peacefully.
Oh the foe of Chaidyas*! Oh my husband! Do you forget me, my benevolent one!
Do you decide to make me a servant to the wife of the old brahmin**?
If husbands go on doing such silly matters, wives will have to talk openly to stop such things.

Oh, the abode of goodness! listen to me

At that time there was a Brahmin named Kuchela, who studied along with Sree Krishna in the hermitage of Sandeepani, a saint. 
He was very poor and never thought of acquiring wealth. One day his chaste wife puzzled by their extreme poverty, accompanied by her children approached him and spoke as follows.
"Oh, the abode of goodness! listen to me, husband,The friend to the foe of Malla! 

At that very best auspicious moment..

At that very best auspicious moment, when prosperous instruments were echoed, when heavenly ladies were danced,on Indra*'s directive, the one with pure and generous fame, Arjuna hold the hands of the beautiful Subhadra.
Indra* : The god of Heaven, father of Arjuna. 
[This specific scene is popularly known as 'Malayital' - putting the garlend. The marriage of Arjuna and Subhadra.]

Alas! Alas! O Hanuman, you in chains?

The adventurous sons of Sita captured the venerable monkey in battle and brought the son of the God of Wind to their mother. Sita, seeing the brave fighter and humble servant of her husband in chains, spoke to him thus with guilty feelings.

Alas! Alas! O Hanuman, you in chains?
How come? It can only be God’s will
You are my saviour, will I forget you even for a minute?