Champata 32 mathras


Oh, the one like beautiful garlands



When Jayantha respectfully told the

story of the demoness to Indra,

Narakasura, in his palace,

romantically told his wife thus.


Oh, the one like beautiful garlands worn by young girls.
Oh, the one with a forehead like a crescent
Kindly listen to my words
Oh, beautiful lady
Did you see these beautiful peacocks dancing and playing
Brahmini Ducks, Swans and Pelicans are
enjoying themselves

Hear my words, O honey-tongued

One day on seeing his wife who was young, as beautiful as the moon, decked with a necklace studded with jewels all shining like stars, who was in a romantic mood, who radiated fragrance of karimkoovala flowers, who presents the whole world with happiness, and who came near him with a big smile, Daksha spoke thus with great love.

Hear my words, O honey-tongued,
and with flowers in your thick tresses

O Malini, good-natured lady

On seeing the ravishingly beautiful daughter of the King of Panchala, Keechaka, the mighty brother of the Queen of Virata, was driven by lust and said thus.
O Malini, good-natured lady, please listen to me
from now on your woes are over, O noblest among beauties
O blessed woman, please do not thrash me today with
your eyebrows that rival Cupid's arched bows

Troubled by the God of Love

Attacked by the arrows of the God of Love, that Urvashi, spoke with indulgent words, to Arjuna the very seat of the love of King Drupada, the generous one.
Troubled by the God of Love – am I – save me – soon – am at your mercy
The array of enemies – in seconds – to destroy – capable one - Hey,
Hey, the noble of Kuru ancestry, give me – your lips – do not waste any more time for that,
Like a bow – beautiful – your eyebrows – with that – do not beat me.


Arujuan – His physique – By looking at it

The most gorgeous among angels, full-moon-faced Urvashi, overcame by ecstacy by seeing Arjuna,  the noble member of Moon dynasty and the one who attracts any lady, spoke thus to her girlfried.
Arujuan – His physique – By looking at! Oh!
Lord Brahma’s (The god of creation) – creative skill – relentlessly shine on him (Arjuna) – So I suspect
Once, the Lord of Love was burnt by Lord Siva, due to that
Love of God – equal to him – he (Arjuna) was created by Lord Brahma.

Hey Child, come, Come



The ever-so-truthful son of Sathyavathi (Vedavyasa), advised thus and departed – Those peace loving people (Pandavas) stayed put in “Shalihotra” woods living on wild food.  During that time, in delight, night after night, Maruti (Bheema)  pleasured Hidimbi and spoke with absolute joy amorously


Hey Child, come, Come – You the one with good habits and with attractive mane that flows and the one with a well made up fore-head

The most beautiful face of yours – by seeing that

Even the moon is ashamed (so round is your face)


Hey, the one who adorns the community of saints


Hey, the one who adorns the community of saints, the one who takes away grief, I bow to you
Your greatness – to say about that – no one would be able

The cruel Duryodhana – in order to burn us alive – made a wax house – and had us put up there with respect

Made a wax house – and had us put up there with respect

There we went and resided – thinking they were friends – There by the mercy of Vidura – we came here alive

There, by the mercy of Vidura – we came here alive


Hey young, you listen to my words



In the high noon, when even the nails are subjected to being burned, while traversing through the deep forest filled with dust, she ,whose face was exhausted due to heat, whole body was dirtied with dust and who was undergoing utter mental pain, seeing Draupadi Dharmaputra spoke to her thus.


Hey young (lady), you -

listen to my words,

the noble and the blessed one.


Hey, the crown of the ones with milk-pure words,

the rear fortune of Panchala king.


Dark thick cloud like deep forest–

Oh daughter of King Panchala

One of those days which was favourable for lovers, in the forest among the beautiful creepers, the son of Wind (Vayu), in a romantic mood, told thus to his wife….
Oh daughter of King Panchala
Oh lotus-eyed one and the abode of Kamadeva*
Continously you traverse in the forest –
due to that don't be disheartend.
Creepers after creepers – walking through them,
having absorbed the fragrances of the flowers gently,