Champata 16 mathras


O lotus-eyed beauty

O lotus-eyed beauty! since the villainous Dakshan
hasn’t even informed us about the rites,
if you happen to go there he will abuse you
in public; have no doubts about that.
My girl, O mild-mannered wife,
my dear, please hear my words

It was most inappropriate to marry

Dakshan gets very angry on hearing that Siva has suddenly left with his daughter. He forgets that Siva is the Supreme Lord, and thinks of him merely as his son-in-law. Nursing a big grudge against Siva, Daksha spoke to the gods with contempt.

It was most inappropriate to marry
off my daughter to Siva
without knowing about his character
that lacks maturity, pride or social stature

O the jewel among women

To test his beloved Sathi, who was in deep meditation, Lord Siva appeared before her as an elderly Brahmin and spoke thus.

O the jewel among women, O good-natured
don’t consider me a stranger and tell me what you want
Do not punish your tender, beautiful body
what desire drives you to such travails?

You see this beautiful girl

As Daksha entered the Kalindi waters that washes off one’s sins and took the conch sitting on the lotus leaf it transformed itself into a beautiful girl. Daksha, with unbounded joy, imagines that Siva’s consort has come as his daughter and hands over the baby to his wife.

You see this beautiful girl, the result of
our blessings we received over several births
O great woman, you blessed one

Pleasure to my eyes..

One morning King Daksha went to bathe in the sacred Yamuna. He was wonder-struck by the beauty of the river.

This Kalindi river gives immense
pleasure to my eyes
Even the thousand-tongued Anantha can’t
describe the river’s countless blessings
Many an ascetic after shedding
their ego and with happy minds

To see you in a happy mood

To see you in a happy mood is what
I always desire, my handsome husband
To serve one’s husband is a woman’s duty
I am here to listen to your every wish
O lotus-eyed, will the partridge hesitate
when it sees its paramour the moon?