Ha Ha brave giant..


Kirmeera after the routines inside the screen, performs curtain-gaze. 

Followed by Self - Enactment :

The litereture is hardly enacted now a days.. Rather this include Kirmeera's  Self Enactment . The reference to this enactment is provided below. 



Kirmeera's Self - Enactment :

(Display of pride)

I am so happy now

What could be the reason?oh yes

Because there is no one as strong and valorous as me

Oh! My darling, you have gone

At that time, Simhika, having come to know about the murder of her husband, arose uttering loud foul words and with reddened  eyes like that of Lord Siva’s forehead eye emitting flames of anger.
Oh! My darling, you have gone to the land of death,
hey handsome, leaving me behind?
Why would I remain alive
immersed in the sorrow in this forest.
The Demon King Hidimban – The weak Bhima killed him