O revered monkey, do not grieve

O revered monkey, do not grieve
Bharata the noble king of Ayodhya 
had sent envoys to all regions
and I, Rama, am one among them
To protect dharma and destroy evil
is our mission as ordered by the king
Sons and brothers are equal in status
yet you stole your son’s wife
O son of Indra, that is why I killed you
please understand, you noble monkey

O Daughter of Janaka

O Daughter of Janaka,
this demon who has come in the shape of a golden deer has turned into a ferocious tiger and is killing me.
My brother Lakshmana, are you forsaking me?
My dear Sita, are you too abandoning me?
(  Maricha who cries out in the voice of Rama to deceive Sita).

O dark-tressed beauty, O Sita

After instructing Mareecha what to do, Ravana sat in his chariot near Panchavati. Mareecha the magician took the form of a golden deer and played in the forest. Seeing that Rama spoke to Sita thus.

O dark-tressed beauty, O Sita, did you see
this most attractive golden deer
My beloved, it has come so near in the forest,
beautiful to see it romping about