Siva (Shiva)


O son of Brahma, O good-natured

O son of Brahma, O good-natured
Nurse no ill-will from now on.
All this misfortune came about
because of your heightened arrogance

Now you may forget all your sorrows
and live happily as you wish.
Let your glory spread till the sun and moon live
With Siva’s blessings let everything end well.

Do not grieve, my dear lotus-eyed

Do not grieve, my dear lotus-eyed
I will bring you joy without delay
O elephant-gaited beauty!
I am always keen to fulfil your wishes,
there is no exception to that
O dark-haired beauty, I kept quiet till now
since I didn’t want to bring sorrow to you
You watch now, I will get him beheaded
Watch him fall like grass amid the fire of Siva’s agents.

O lotus-eyed beauty

O lotus-eyed beauty! since the villainous Dakshan
hasn’t even informed us about the rites,
if you happen to go there he will abuse you
in public; have no doubts about that.
My girl, O mild-mannered wife,
my dear, please hear my words

Rise, handsome prince


Rise, handsome prince; do not grieve,

you are the most valiant in your clan.

I wanted to feel the power of your arms

and that’s why I staged this fight.

I fought with you hard and thus

came to know your full prowess

I am most delighted with your blows;

I will wipe off the world’s misery.



Deciding to follow Goddess Parvathi’s words


Deciding to follow Goddess Parvathi’s words, Lord Siva, who has won over death, the destroyer of Tripura, the protector of devotees, the good-natured Lord Siva, accompanied by his wife and sons led by Ganapati, emerged with a big heart and wearing the impeccable costumes of a hunter, and thunderous sounds filled the forest. Spreading a wide net Lord Parameswara rounded off animals and hunted them down. At this time, Mookasura, who had come in a pig’s disguise on orders from Duryodhana, was trapped in the net. As Siva’s Third Eye turned red Parvathi spoke thus to Siva.