You shameless, human stupid


You shameless, human stupid, On this vast chest of yours,

Group of weapons would dance around

Defend these weapons, you human-bloody!!, defend these weapons



[After the padam, battle routine.  In the ensuing battle, Bheema kills Kirmeera by hitting on the chest.]

With the troups resembling ocean



After consoling Simhika, who fell on the earth by chest, but arose, who was bathed in blood, and became like Neelgiri Mountan valley, that Kirmeera, shaking the earth, went for war and challenged Bheema


With the troups resembling ocean, I have come here

to destroy and crush enemies efficiently

Stupid, have a look at my smartness,

Come, stupid have a look.


Like a woman is your arm-power, you arrogant,

Like thunder – with my beatings – to send you away soon –

is capable – you creature.