Nivathakavacha Kalakeyavadham


Father, by your sight



Thereafter, Arjuna, having entered the court, which was adorned by gods, speaking out his name, bowed to Lord Indra, and becoming content by his embrace, spoke thus to the Lord of the World, Indra

Father, by your sight, by birth has yielded fruit

With crelty inside – the enemy group – All of them – to  kill and eradicate,

The one who bows on your feet – this humble one – to attain ability – please bless me – Just bless me – Just bless me


Blushed by your sweet words


Blushed by your sweet words, the most

Please end that – that state you should attain (the state of mind to end the sweet words)

Some people, when they hear that, become fulfilled with pride – in the world 

(They re) Foolish, for sure, this is not a lie, hey great-minded

Wonderful and shining this divine chariot – whose is that – and who are you

(Are you) the charioteer of Sun (Aruna) or the God of Oceans (Varuna), with compassion, you have come here – for what reason?

Tell me – you – Who are you – the truth – tell me


Hey Arjuna, your arm’s dynamism



Lord Indra’s charioteer, approached, the very seat of all ethics, the one who destroys enemies with the arrows sent from his gallant bow, the one who can use both hands on bow, Arjuna and considered words to convey his master’s wishes.

Hey Arjuna, your arm’s dynamism – that hails

Lord Siva, seeing your battle-efficiency, becoming happy in mind, Oh!

That is extraordinary – that divine arrow – you got – Consideing that - hails

Hey, Mathali, listen to my words



Indra, having come to know that Arjuna has attained the divine weapon from Lord Siva, and hence, desirous of bringing Arjuna to Heaven, told thus to Mathali, his charioteer and who was already present before him with bowing hands

Hey, Mathali, listen to my words 

From Lord Siva – swiftly – Paasupatha Arrow – having properly attained – by Arjuna now

The one with adorable qualities – a king and very valorous – my son is – know that adequately

Such a heroic one – in these three worlds – Anywhere – cannot be seen – If you consider