Nivathakavacha Kalakeyavadham


Hi friend, listen to my words



The dearest friend of Urvashi, listening to the words of The first among angelic call-girls, and the one who was attracted by the son of Lord Indra, replied thus

Hi friend, listen to my words, now, the noblest and auspicious one

The most honorable and valorous, the ideal man, the generous one he is

If he comes, your joining with the appropriate – and so is your love for him

But, without knowing his mind, do not perceive acts of eroticism

To break his strong perceptions – we went – but were unable


Arujuan – His physique – By looking at it



The most gorgeous among angels, full-moon-faced Urvashi, overcame by ecstacy by seeing Arjuna,  the noble member of Moon dynasty and the one who attracts any lady, spoke thus to her girlfried

Arujuan – His physique – By looking at! Oh!

Lord Brahma’s (The god of creation) – creative skill – relentlessly shine on him (Arjuna) – So I suspect

Once, the Lord of Love was burnt by Lord Sive, due to that

Love of God – equal to him – he (Arjuna) was created by Lord Brahma

Paying homage to Indrani


Paying homage to Indrani, Arjuna slowly proceeded for sight-seeing.  His sorrow was removed, and in joy filled his heart, Thereafter followed by Indrani’s eyes And he returned

He alighted from the tall palace, walked around in various junctions and Arjuna’s handsomeness shined in places. All the angels became overpowered by the Lord of Love. And they all were immersed in an ovean of curiousness

Arjuna, may you be victorious



Arjuna, approached Sachee Devi and after paying homage on her feet, with tears of joy, exchanged peasantries

Arjuna, may you be victorious, live long, listen to what I say, properly

Are you doing good, good-minded and valorous, how are those close to you?

Is the daughter of Soora (Kunthi) living happily< hey valorous, the one who equals Kusha and Lava, son

Son, Arjuna, Live Long



By making Jayanthan (the son of Indra), who was sitting nearby, envious, Indra offered to share the Divine Seat to Arjuna, and spoke to him who was contendedly positioned with closed palms

Son, Arjuna, Live Long, hey the very seat of all good goo qualities such as humility