Do not grieve, my dear lotus-eyed

Do not grieve, my dear lotus-eyed
I will bring you joy without delay
O elephant-gaited beauty!
I am always keen to fulfil your wishes,
there is no exception to that
O dark-haired beauty, I kept quiet till now
since I didn’t want to bring sorrow to you
You watch now, I will get him beheaded
Watch him fall like grass amid the fire of Siva’s agents.

O Crescent-crowned, please hear my words

Having listened to her father’s impious words, Sathi returned to Kailasa in haste, prostrated in front of Lord Siva and, with anger, fear and sorrow agitating her mind, spoke thus.

O Crescent-crowned, please hear my words,
my Lord, please forgive me for my insolence
Because I left without listening to your sensible words
I had to suffer all this humiliation, O Lord and Husband

Leave this place right away

Sathi, who ignored her husband’s words as she was keen to watch the sacrificial rites, having arrived at her father’s palace accompanied by Siva’s guards and surrounded by happy celestial women, was confronted by her angry father Daksha who spoke to her cruelly thus.

Leave this place right away, O wife of Lord Siva
who ever asked you to come here, you wicked woman?
I am not at all happy with you,

O lotus-eyed beauty

O lotus-eyed beauty! since the villainous Dakshan
hasn’t even informed us about the rites,
if you happen to go there he will abuse you
in public; have no doubts about that.
My girl, O mild-mannered wife,
my dear, please hear my words