Someone so scary


Hanuman, taking the ring in his hand,  evokes Srirama. I am done with half of my work.  Now let me find out the place where  Sitadevi is held captive by Ravana. There are so many beautiful mansions.  Here is a beautiful garden I can see a beautiful river flowing The gentle cool breeze is refreshing Let me see whether Sitadevi is there in  any of these palaces.  Let me search in this palace first. 

Who has come here, you fool?

When Hanuman reaches Lanka quickly in search of Sita, amorous Lankalakshmi (demoness), who is guarding Lanka as per the orders of Ravana, showing her ferocious canine teeth and red eyes, with boisterous laugh and knitting the brow, told Hanuman.

Who has come here , you fool? 

When I am guarding here on Ravana’s

instructions, you can consider yourself dead