What a surprise ! if you think, Oh my beauties!

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
The poor brahmin lady was showered with immense and auspicious wealth due to the power of Sree Krishna. Seeing this, all her friends gathered and told among themselves the following.
Vridha(the old woman):

"What a surprise ! if you think,  Oh my beauties!
this brahmin lady was even unable to meet her hunger at dusk.
Now what a luck is showered upon her!
Alas! friends, upto yesteday the lady controlled her hunger with moringa leaves only ,
the husband of Goddess Lakshmi ( Krishna ), extended his benevolence on her, surprisingly!  .
I had seen this lady giving her husband some rotten flakes of rice,
that too she got begging from houses to be presented as offering to Sree Krishna.
She got this mansion with fort, stone pavements, elephants, many buildings which equal the status of Dwaraka.
However we will get a share of the luck she got.
Oh see the Kuchela brahmin is coming there alone.
His face is glaring more than before. Let us go and have a look at all these."
Vridha(the old lady): The old lady is the servent at Kuchel'as house.