Oh Maruthi, let you be blessed

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

Oh Maruthi, let you be blessed. Please  take the “Choodamani”(gem) and go. 

Stage Features: 

Sita gives Choodamni to Hanuman.  Hanuman receives it with all respect and prostrates in front of Sita. 

Hanuman: No need to worry anymore. I  will come with Lord Srirama soon.

Hanuman again salutes Sita.

Hanuman turns around and enters  Pramadavanam. (listens) Who is reciting  Vishnusahasranama in the palace of  Ravana’s who hates Vishnu ?

(seeing)Here, a lady is reciting  Sahasranamam sitting in front of a lamp. She is the same girl who consoled  Sitadevi a while ago.  Who is she? (thinking)Oh….got it. She is Thrijata, daughter of Vibheeshana.