Who has come here, you fool?

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
When Hanuman reaches Lanka quickly in search of Sita, amorous Lankalakshmi (demoness), who is guarding Lanka as per the orders of Ravana, showing her ferocious canine teeth and red eyes, with boisterous laugh and knitting the brow, told Hanuman.

Who has come here , you fool? 

When I am guarding here on Ravana’s

instructions, you can consider yourself dead



Stage Features: 

Lankalakshmi’s Thiranottam (Entry) 
(Looking at her body) It’s a pity.  I have been so disfigured.  How did this happen ? I was Vijayalakshmi, one among  Ashtalakshmis was the treasure keeper of Lord Brahma I committed a mistake, due to  which  Brahma cursed me to become a demoness and be Ravana’s guard. I requested   for a relief from the curse During the incarnation of Srirama, a  monkey will come here in search of Sita,  kidnapped by Ravana. When you get slapped by the monkey,  you will get relieved from the curse and  you can come back here. Will a monkey come here disregarding   Ravana, who has conquered the three  worlds? I have heard that the monkeys of  Kishkintha are very ferocious Anyway, let me respect the order of Brahma and live here I can see a silhouette  at the entrance Neither a Deva nor an Asura Not a human also Then who? Let me see. 

Hanuman enters  keeping the left leg first  and stealthily moves. 

Lankalakshmi blocks him and shouts.  Hanuman looks at her from head to toe  curiously. Lankalakshmi: I am guarding this tower.  Nobody can enter Lanka without my  permission.