It was most inappropriate to marry

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Dakshan gets very angry on hearing that Siva has suddenly left with his daughter. He forgets that Siva is the Supreme Lord, and thinks of him merely as his son-in-law. Nursing a big grudge against Siva, Daksha spoke to the gods with contempt.

It was most inappropriate to marry
off my daughter to Siva
without knowing about his character
that lacks maturity, pride or social stature
I believed in your words and earlier
thought he was a good man
but you all know that soon after the wedding
he walked off without telling anyone
Who knows which caste he belongs to
and looks like he has no relatives either
there is no love in his heart for anyone
he is content with the ash from the graves
He wears animal skin as he has no clothes
his retinue consists of ghosts and phantoms
The shameless fellow thinks he is a great soul
though he wanders around begging every day
My daughter Sathi is a simple girl
she trusted him not realising he is a fraud
when she was deep in meditation 
he took her away without anybody’s knowledge