O Neelakanta, ocean of goodness

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Brought up by her parents who lavished love on her, the girl Sathi grew up and became proficient in the arts and famous. Since childhood Sathi wished to have Lord Siva as her husband and did penance with that aim in mind.

O Neelakanta, ocean of goodness, Supreme Being,
victory to you, O friend of the weak
I desire to see your auburn locks,
the crescent on your head
your body shining like a full moon
and your ever-smiling face
I want to see today your neck that rivals
the beauty of the clouds, your arms,
your broad chest, your waist draped with
elephant skin and your perfect feet
I have none else to go to, O Lord
I worship your feet, O infinitely merciful
without delay please appear before me 
and grant me my boons, O Lord of the Universe