Hear my words, O honey-tongued

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
One day on seeing his wife who was young, as beautiful as the moon, decked with a necklace studded with jewels all shining like stars, who was in a romantic mood, who radiated fragrance of karimkoovala flowers, who presents the whole world with happiness, and who came near him with a big smile, Daksha spoke thus with great love.

Hear my words, O honey-tongued,
and with flowers in your thick tresses
My wife, this is a beautiful moment
this night envelops us with kindness
Look at the full moon in the sky
the adornment in Siva’s locks
the light for Kamadeva’s festival and 
the light that kills sun’s pride, my dear
With a form that fires up a man’s lust
O lover, please come near me
with pleasure offer me your luscious lips
O my wife with the beautiful gait