O destroyer of Kamadeva

Story Play (Attakkatha): 



Arjuna falls on a bed of flowers, is sore all over, shaken and tired. He wakes up and makes a Sivalinga (Siva idol) with mud and starts worshipping it. He is surprised and confused to see that the flowers he offers to the Sivalinga are ending up on the Hunter’s head.

O destroyer of Kamadeva, look at my plight!

O Lord who washes away sins, please grant me death.

O Lord, the flowers that I offered are seen

on the head of a mere hunter,

is the Destroyer of Yama cheating me!

I see the shining crescent on the hunter’s head.

Was it Parvathi, the universal Goddess, in the garb of the Huntress?

O God, I don’t want to live anymore.

forgive the deeds, thoughts and words of this 

sinner, O Lord, and please grant me salvation.



[Siva and Parvathi appear and bless Arjuna.]

Stage Features: 

Siva and Parvathi appear and bless Arjuna.