O! Respected King of Sindhu

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

Efforts by Lord Sri Krishna to avert the war failed.. War was imminent and both sides were preparing for it. A messenger from King Duryodhana came to King Jayadratha’s court to request him to participate in the war. 

O! Respected King of Sindhu, I am bowing before thee, who are the abode of valour and strength. I am a messenger sent by your brother-in-law, King Duryodhana.

The cunning Yadava (Krishna) came as an envoy from the son of Kunthi (Yudhishtira).

He requested that Duryidhana hand over half of his kingdom as a condition for peace.

Duryodhana refused to hand over his land to the sons of Kunthi,  whose lineage is dubious.

We now have no option but to go to war with the obstinate Pandavas.

A terrible battle is at hand. Please come over without delay to join our side in the battle.