My dear friend, I choose you of all my messengers

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
My dear friend, I choose you of all my messengers,
to convey my message of love to the lady my heart harbours.
Are you giving this promise just to please me?
Or will you really do the deed that you say it would be?
Many have told me the stories of the lady who blushes like a lotus
Now lust is filling my heart, making it weak and porous
While I had no mate to confide and my life’spath turned treacherous
I got you-it is the play of god in all his kindness.
You know me now and my feelings; and to tell that all to her,
You can freely move about like a true messenger.
No doubt for those who seek truthfully, destiny is a giver.
You are not just a dear friend, you are a veritable treasure.
With your deft way of talking, my dear friend!
Present me to her liking, and make her favourably respond
God is bound to give your good deeds ample reward
Without your guidance, I would be damned and be wayward.