Oh! Kind king with a soul so tender

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

Thus released from the king’s captivity,
Off the bird went to his flock in proclivity,
Then he came back without fear to the king’s proximity,
And spoke thus with the kind king in all magnanimity.
Oh! Kind king with a soul so tender,
I will do you a deed so good forever you will remember.
There are not many as generous and upright as thee,
To be found in the three worlds, certainly.
The expanse of this kingdom shows the value of the protection offered by your brow.
Your majestic presence endows your subjects with happiness and glow.
They respect the kindness you bestow and take it as the way to follow,
You are so virtuous and valorous that it is a wonder that you still remain solo.
Valorous too is the Vidarbha king,
Bheema his name, has a daughter-a darling,
No woman on earth is capable of matching,
The charm she has; her poise and standing.
If she is to become your wife, it will be very apt,
I can help to bring your hearts to meet
I can do that you may rest assured,
If you will permit me, that is all I need.
She is a maiden- desirable to all, virtuous and pure,
pure gold if also fragrant, she is such that for sure.
The lovely daughter of Bheema, her name Damayanti,
is to earth what to heaven Rema is- the goddess of prosperity.
Divine nymphets, hurt they will be in their pride,
Should Damayanti come and stand by their side. 
My mission is to make her fall in love with you in her heart’s essence.
Even the lord of heavens, her admirer, against you will stand no chance.

Stage Features: 

Nala releases the swan. The swan is pleased at Nala’s kindness. He returns from his flock to Nala with the intention of reciprocating his act of kindness. The swan has perhaps read king’s mind and sensed that he is disturbed by some thoughts on unfulfilled love.