Oh! Shiva, what am I to do, my god?

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

The king approached the swan stealthily,

While it lay in slumber motionlessly

Befriending the bird the king’s only intention,

But when woken, it wailed in commotion.


Oh! Shiva, what am I to do, my god?

I am being killed in deceit by this land’s lord.

My family is going to be orphaned.


My father away in death,

Lonely he left me on earth,

My mother’s heart will burn like a hearth,

My child is soon to take birth

In agony my wife will fall in death’s embrace

With that my clan will disappear without a trace.


I have not harmed you in any manner,

Yet you harm me, you are a sinner,

You kill me for my plume’s gild

And my wings and feathers are of gold

You cannot turn richer by stealing my clad

My beauty is my enemy now, turn of events so bad.