I just heard Damayanti is surpassed by no maiden

Story Play (Attakkatha): 


Thus hearing from Narada about Damayanti,

And also remembering the words of the people praising her purity,

Nala lost his heart to her and lost its calm

And he was left thoughtful of her charm.


(Nala in contemplation):


I just heard Damayanti is surpassed by no maiden in this earth and in the heaven,

So I hear from sage Narada’s mien.


I keep hearing about her virtue,

that no other woman could imbue.

My love for her is growing day by day, 

That is apt, as that is what Narada say.


What worth do I have to deserve,

The moon-faced beauty’s unbridled love?

A woman’s heart to grow in lust

The lord of love need embed its seed, he must.   


Musing over the lusciousness of the moon-faced maiden

I grow melancholic and my routine feel like midden.

Either I merrily get entangled in her lustrous hair

Or go on exile, disentangling from the kingly affair.  

Stage Features: 

Thus persuaded by Rishi Narada, Nala ponders over the ways and means to beget Damayanti as his wife. Since Damayanti is sought after by even the divine beings, Nala is worried if he stands a chance. He loses interest in the day to day affairs, thinking about how to win Damayanti and musing over her celebrated beauty.