Whatever, this is not good for you

Story Play (Attakkatha): 


Listening to his words, which was not in her favour, as if cheated by the God of Love, that angel, started to utter these words to Arjuna

Whatever, this is not good for you!

Here I am troubled and suffering – For that no kindness for you in me?  Like a rock is you heart, is it?  Yes it is, no doubt about that

You are fighting with Lord Siva, the destructor of god of love, or becoming the friend of Lord Krishna, the father of Lod of Love (Krishna is the father of Pradyumna, supposedly the incarnation of Kamadeva)

With sungod – she mated without hesitation and then,

She mated with Son’s son (Yama) – that is your mother, you stupid, isn’t she?

See the result, now – you – shall become a eunuch – for sure


Stage Features: 

Urvashi delivers the curse and withdraws.