Words – Such as this

Story Play (Attakkatha): 


Arjuna, the valorous, was rendered with hatred towards Urvashi, the one desirous of mating with anyone, speaking inappropriate things again and again, the ignoble, and the one would be a reason for repentence

Words – Such as this – you speak you spoke – is not proper, please know that

Inappropriate acts – are not good – in vain, Oh!

The swans – would they – except lotus trunks – long for Hornwort plants (a wild plant)

Alas! Elephant – woult it with to get a deer – tell me, you

Ridiculing – this would this be amongs men – this desire of yours; Pity!

Oh! Oh!, This is crazy – so has been proven – Not good for you – Alas! – in vain

Once, Purooravas, (my ancestor), the king, had married you and hence, now

Hey, Urvashi, you take the position of my motherhood – For that reason,

The unthinkable – mating with elders – that sin would fall on me

Hey, the one, who is the crown amongst beauties of heaven – In vain