To stay in forest

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

To stay in forest – for that you had the fate – that is just ill-fate

Lord Krishna’s mercy – due to that, hey valorous, good will happen to you soon


Stage Features: 

Arjuna bows again and Indrani blesses.  Then, seeking permission for a site-seeing of the heaven, Arjuna takes leave and Indrani withdraws.

Arjuna proceeds to see in detail the heave – Famous “Heaven Portrayal”

Positions on flat foot and with extended bow and arrow, views the heaven at three levels and appreciates the sights one by one

Divine Sapling – Paarijaatha Tree – Various aircrafts – Great Forts – Angels etc

The horse “Uchaisrava”, the cow, “Kaamadhenu”, the River “Divine Ganges” etc

After the portrayal, enacts hearing the war-challenge of demons Vajrabahu/Vajrakethu



Imaginative enactments: