Hey, Mathali, listen to my words

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Indra, having come to know that Arjuna has attained the divine weapon from Lord Siva, and hence, desirous of bringing Arjuna to Heaven, told thus to Mathali, his charioteer and who was already present before him with bowing hands
Hey, Mathali, listen to my words 
From Lord Siva – swiftly – Paasupatha Arrow – having properly attained – by Arjuna now
The one with adorable qualities – a king and very valorous – my son is – know that adequately
Such a heroic one – in these three worlds – Anywhere – cannot be seen – If you consider
Great heavenly missions – several are there – by the power of Partha – to be realized – He is not a lethargic one
Leaving out apathy, you bring Arjuna here – Do not delay