There is demon who lives here

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

There is demon who lives here.  Daily, in turn, we have to give him one human (to eat)

Hey the pearl amongst ladies, listen to the reason for this grief

Previously, due to fear that he would destroy all people in one go, we had given him a promise with immense sorrow

Hill-heaped cooked rice, 100 pot-fulls of curry and one human – would be given to him on a daily basis – is the assurancee gaven

Today, it is our to give that – For that a human is not available – That is the reason for this sorrow

Daughter belongs to someon else, Son is born out of self   (Hence son and daughter cannot be sent) – Now, I could I abandon my wife?

These kiths do not permit me at all to carry the food – What could I do?