Hey the offspring of Kunthi

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

Hey the offspring of Kunthi, why would you mourn? The ever so handsome Vasudeva (Krishna) would come to your aid in future

Hey the God of death for ferocious foes, Bheem Sen, listen to me.  This demoness beauty loves you earlier itself

The one who desires a lady who does not desire back – and the one who ignores a lady who desires – both are fools in the world – for sure, know that

Due to that – till this beauty acquires a son, be with her – and that’s my instruction


Stage Features: 

(At this point, Lalitha is supposed to enter, if not already present)

On completion of enactment, both Bheema and Lalitha (Hidimbi) together with locked hands pay homage to the saint, the latter departs, Bheema look-sees Lalitha to end the scene