Hey elder brother, depute me now

Story Play (Attakkatha): 

Hey elder brother, depute me now, without delay, to destroy they, hey pure hearted one

The crooked Duryodhanan – Considering what he has done, the fire of anger is burning within me, hey the grand son of Sun (Dharmaputra’s father – Yama is the son of Sun God)

In utmost rage, shaoo I go and dispatch the sons of Dhritharashtra to the land of death – Today itself

Alas! I was bound (by rope) and pushed into the river Ganges – Thinking about that – would I be able to pardon them?

They had the serpents bite me on all vital parts in great pride – Kindly think about that your mind

Oh! Oh! – Venom as food – they have given me in all honor – why hesitate to kill them – the sons of Gandhari
Non-Kourava (Without Kauravas) – would I make this earth – Only your mercy is needed for that – at this moment

If only I have your mercy

At this very moment