What could I do, Oh! God

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
In the forest filled with lady-lions, Panchali who fell in the trap of Simhika and nence, fearful, cried with utmost faith in her husbands.
What could I do, Oh! God, what could I do
The one who cries in terror – that me –
this carnivore  – before she eats me –
would you appear – hearing the cries – Hey by husbands!
Dharmaputra, the one who who walks in the path of Dharma,
The hand-some, demoness came and
is now ruthlessly taking me away –
Have you abandoned me?
Hey, my Soule, the son of wind-god –
Without wasting any more time,
come and save me.
Hey, noble, Arjuna, the ocean of valor,
the charming bodied,
Wife I am of yours – Have you left me –
due to my ill-luck?
This cloud-complexioned demoness,
and horrible like a nightmare,
she would render me to the god of death –
Hey Nakula, the powerful, save, save me.
The mountain-like demoness –
before I fall in her mouth –
Hey the son of Maadi,
valorous, Sahadeva, save me soon.


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