What to do? Oh! God

Story Play (Attakkatha): 
Then the Rishi went to take dip in River Ganges eagerly and Panchali, seeing that the devine pot no food left for the day, wept in fear.
What to do? Oh! God!
What to do?
Foodless – this pot has become –
Why has this happened now?
In River Ganges, after taking bath, the great Rishi –
will ask for food  to me without delay  –  what to do then?
In this world amongst ladies – am the most ill-fortuned –
before guests came, it is a sin that I ate – What to do?
Curries, rice – with grams,to the Great Rishi –
If I do not give,He would curse.  What to do?
(My) deeds are the reasons for all these. 
The all-knowing Dharmaputra – the path that he takes –
has been rendered fruitless or what?  What to do?
Save the Pandavas, Hey Krishna –
This grave impasse, Remove that –
and hey kind-eyed – please protect me.  What to do?


Stage Features: 

Draupadi is seated and weepingly enacts padam set to Anandabhairavi Ragam and Chempata cycle of 16 beats per segment.
At the end of padam, Remains seated as if in prayers to Krishnan.