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Hey the ocean of valor and justice

Ragam: Sarangam Rhythm: Champa 20 mathrasStory Play (Attakkatha): Kalyanasaugandhikam Narrator: At a time when Arjuna had gone to attain divine weapons, Bheema, recalling the various cruel acts one by one, with total antagony towards the enemies, with rotated club and with sharp eyes, but with sorrow in heart, spoke to Dharmaputra.   Hey the ocean of valor and justice –  your pair of feet hey noble one, I close my hands on them in respect – I bow on them With wife – here – rid of valor – undergoing Rishis’ lives – is it appropriate of you?   Hey the son of Dharma, pure-hearted, Our destiny – see this, hey king, Wearing bark-clothes, along with forest-dwellers – leaving our own lives rid of courage – we are loitering.   To attain weapons – Why, now, Arjuna has been deputed, in vain.   To win over the foes – all of them, here, I alone am sufficient – know that, hey, powerful.   Unhesitatingly, the opponents – in the battle I shall win over  and Dussasana’s blood-  I shall drink – a lot of it – with my hands – again and again and get satisfied* and soon enough – my wife’s hairlock – I shall tie.   In me – once – if you show mercy- please order this.   Roarings, I shall remove the pride of foes and give them to- the messengers of the lord of death – for that please do not be an obstactle – please do not prevent.

Reference: * Bheema sits on the floor and enacts Bheema’s feelings of how he would like to kill Dussasana, tear apart the chest.