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Do not be dim, do not be

Ragam: SankarabharanamRhythm: Champata 16 mathrasStory Play (Attakkatha): KalyanasaugandhikamCharacters: Srikrishna Sloka: Seeing the difficulties that these handsome and peace-minded Pandavas are in due to ill-doings of the sons of Gandhari, Krishna, after receiving the respectful greetings along with Balarama, spoke thus.  
Do not be dim, do not be, hey Pandavas Do not be dim, do not be, hey Pandavas, do not grieve.   Hey the ornament of Bharata ancestry, listen to my words Others and self – those who differentiate thus – if such people grieve – that is appropriate.    There is only one soul- that is the Supreme Soul – this fact is conceived in your mind – and, such you, like un-civilized.   Do not grieve, do not, hey Pandavas, do not grieve.     Lord Siva himself has resorted to begging in the world, Lord Indra has been rendered in trouble due to a curse, The crown of valor, Lord Rama, had to stay in exile, – That, what is written on head, Oh! God! Can it be changed?     Stage Features: 

Krishna, Rising up.