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Be my savior, hey lotus-eyed

Ragam: SaveriRhythm: Atantha 14 mathrasStory Play (Attakkatha): KalyanasaugandhikamCharacters: Dharmaputra Sloka: Thereafter, seeing Lord Krishna, the invincible heavenly tree,  arrived with Balarama, Dharmaputra, spoke these humble words:     Be my savior, hey lotus-eyed, the one who shows compassion to dependents, Hey the protector of the world!    [[Hey winter-moon-faced, killer of hell, the one who killed demon Mura, hail hail, Hey Mukunda. Hail, hail, the happiness provided, Hey the protector of world. ]]   Due to the mis-deeds of Kouravas, we are trapped and exhauseted, hey the protector of the world!   On your relatives – you do not mercy – what is the reason – hey, God, God, protector of the world!.  
  Stage Features: 

Krishna is seated on the right.  Dharmaputra enters from left in a span of one “Kitathikidheem Tha” cycle, they see each other, Dharmaputra bows and the other blesses. Dharmaputra opens up in padam set to Saveri Ragam and Atantha cycle of 14 beats per segment.